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Hey CCFI Family, it is Competition time!

When you purchase a minimum of $100 worth of CCFi Tokens (2,000 CCFi Tokens only) you enter automatically the CCFi Tokens competition with 10 prizes:

9 prizes of 10,000 CCFi Tokens and 1 big prize of 100,000 CCFi Token!

💎 CCFi Token 💎

Everyone wants to buy this token!

A new DeFi gem in the world of cryptocurrencies: one of the most promising altcoins on BSC!

💎 4500 holders and growing:

💎 10500 followers on Twitter:

💎 6200 members in the main English Telegram discussion group:

💎 4100 members in the announcement channel:

💎 Bridges from BSC to 18 blockchains:

including Ethereum, Polygon, NULS, Klaytn

💎 32.4 M CCFi Tokens staked on the NULS blockchain using WATERTIGER.FINANCE

💎 Listing on 3 exchanges at $0.1 on the 29th of May 2023, announced, the other two will be revealed soon

💎 Purchase easily at $0.05:

minimum order $100 = 2,000 CCFi Tokens

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eray ile yol hikayeleri
eray ile yol hikayeleri
Apr 22, 2023

Mxc ve binance listelemesi ne zaman olur acaba.

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