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Are you a professional or highly skilled trader?

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Then we have an extraordinary opportunity that you won't want to miss!

Introducing the prestigious CCFI Trading Force Titans TFT. Don't wait, register today to secure your spot among the elite.

Why become a Trading Force Titan?

  1. Exclusive Access: Join an elite team of traders and gain access to a range of exclusive trading set-ups to reach the set targets.

  2. Limit of 25 Seats: Act quickly as we are offering only 25 seats to become a part of this distinguished team of CCFI TFT traders. This limited availability ensures an intimate and focused trading environment, all that is required is $10.000 worth of CCFi Tokens in your wallet.

  3. Unleash Your Potential: Uncover your full potential as a trader and seize the chance to enhance your trading skills to new heights.

  4. Trading Pool: By registering now and fulfilling the needed requirements, you will open doors to exciting possibilities within a trading pool that holds 1.75% of the max. Supply 24,5 Mil. CCFi Token.

  5. CCFi Token: Buy your CCFi Tokens here:

  6. Charts: See the amazing benefits in the charts below.

To seize this exceptional opportunity, email and our team will guide you through the registration process.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

Join the CCFi Trading Force Titans TFT and unlock unparalleled trading opportunities today.

Register here for Coinstore

Register here for DexTrade

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